Public Proposal Period Opens for 2026 FGI Guidelines

The proposal period for the 2026 FGI Guidelines for Design and Construction revision began February 1, 2023, and ends Friday, June 30, 2023. The proposal period is your only opportunity to recommend changes to the 2022 Guidelines.

During the proposal period, FGI encourages all users of the Guidelines documents to suggest where Guidelines language could be improved for clarity, outdated requirements should be removed, or new types of facilities should be added. Proposals should support clinical practices, infection prevention measures, and minimum design requirements for additional and evolving care spaces to advance safe and effective patient and resident health care.

The FGI proposal site will be accessible at The proposal period is open to all users of the Guidelines documents, and all submitted proposals will be available for public review. Interested parties may submit opinions supporting or opposing proposals until the end of the proposal period.

Once the proposal period has closed, proposals and opinions will be reviewed and voted on by the 2026 Health Guidelines Revision Committee (HGRC). Proposals approved by the HGRC will be incorporated into the draft 2026 Guidelines for hospitals; outpatient facilities; and residential health, care, and support facilities, to be released for public review and comment next summer.

“The proposal process is the most effective way for the public to contribute to revising the Guidelines documents because this is the point where any new idea can be considered,” says John Williams, chair of the 2026 HGRC. “This is a window of time that relatively few people outside of the revision committee take advantage of, with results that can have a significant impact on public health and safety.”

It is critical that industry participants act now to propose updates to the 2022 Guidelines documents. Next year during the comment period, new proposals will not be considered. The HGRC will review suggestions submitted only on the approved changes that result from this proposal period.

Public participation in the revision process is vital to keep the FGI Guidelines current with practices in the field. FGI urges all those involved in planning, design, and construction of health and residential care facilities to take advantage of this opportunity to contribute to the development of the 2026 Guidelines documents.