ISHE Awards

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ISHE honors individuals with awards each year, including the following:

  • The ISHE “Max” Award:
    Given to a member that exemplifies maximum effort and enthusiasm for both the healthcare engineering profession and ISHE.

Melissa McCain (2021)
Scott Burcroff (2019)
Dan Hall (2017)
Roger Bradley (2016)
Scott Burcroff (2015)
Ron Shake (2013)

  • The ISHE Engineer of the Year Award:
    Given to a member that serves as an exemplary model of Indiana healthcare engineering.

Andy Shekell (2021)
Nicole Bridges (2021)
Josh Abdon (2021)
Joe Martin (2021)
Don Burk (2021)
Don Page (2019)
Scott Burcroff (2017)
Brian Crawford (2016)
Matt Royal (2015)
Ricky Ray (2013)

  • The ISHE President Award:
    Given to the outgoing president in recognition of outstanding service to the association. See the full list of ISHE Presidents.


  • Lifetime Achievement Award
    Given in recognition of lifelong service to the profession and association.

Richard Hand, Good Samaritan Hospital (2021)
Scott Tripp (2017)
Rusty Rozelle (2016)
Steve Strawmyer (2015)

  • Champion of ISHE Award
    Given in recognition of support toward ISHE’s mission.

Naomi Hart (2021)
Tim Adams (2021)
Troy Jolley (2021)
Kyle Powell (2021)
Ross Williams (2021)
Mary Shatz (2021)
Stevens & Stevens (2020)
Mary Schatz (2019)
Jay Bangert (2019)
Ron Shake (2017)
Joe Martin (2017)
Riley Hospital Engineering Department (2017)
Eskanazi Hospital Engineering Department (2017)