Job Posting: Environmental Engineer

The Environmental Engineer conducts plan reviews and related work to determine compliance with applicable laws, rules, and standards in conformance with the mission and vision of the Indiana Department of Health to protect public health in the construction and operation of health care facilities and other structures that require plan review and approval. Emphasis is on applying architectural and engineering standards, safety, sanitation, water supply, sewage disposal, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and state licensing requirements as applicable for facilities located in Indiana requiring State approval. This role also may be called upon to assist with the investigation or resolution of public health or environmental problems that do not fall under the purview of other state or local agencies. This position functions as a resource on building and construction codes and requirements related to health care facilities, assists in tracking status of Health Care Engineering (HCE) staff projects, assists on preparing presentations for HCE, and serves as the designated team leader in the absence of the Program Director. Candidate shall possess a Professional Engineer or Architect license recognized by the State of Indiana with at least 3 years of experience in the healthcare field, engineering design, building design, or plan review. This is an in-house position.

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