Shake Quote

“If I didn’t join ISHE about 25 years ago I am not sure if I would have made it in healthcare. ISHE is a great networking & resource opportunity. It provides education to all members at a free or reduced rate. The friendships created along the way create a lifelong memory.” Ron Shake Facility Manager […]

Martin Quote

“I was introduced to ISHE by my Director. Early on, ISHE was essential to my transition into healthcare which was a new industry for me. Over the years, as I became more involved with ISHE, I’ve made great friendships and connections. Having other professionals to relate to and bounce ideas off of is invaluable.” Joe […]

Stauffer Quote

“The networking opportunities are invaluable. I really appreciate having the entire membership available to support my organization and my career. I always feel like we can lean on each other for support and guidance regardless of how our various organizations may be in competition or alignment. We all realize we are in this together for […]

Page Quote

“ISHE provides a plethora of resources from education, networking opportunities, and lifelong friendships that I would not have been afforded otherwise. The opportunity to discuss issues we all are facing, along with gathering “best-practice” ideas from across the state has made me a better Engineering Director. Joining ISHE was one of the best decisions I […]

Gorman Quote

“ISHE allows me to engage with my fellow industry professionals in a way that is not only informative but also therapeutic. We all face similar issues in our daily work that can make us feel like we’re on an island. ISHE gives me a network to know that we’re all together in this journey to […]

Fulkerson Quote

“I am a member of ISHE because it connects me with a network of peers from around the State. We all face challenges everyday and it benefits us all to share our experiences and learn from each other. ISHE provides the opportunity for us to connect, share, learn and grow.” Eric Fulkerson Regional Manager of […]

Cook Quote

“ISHE has allowed me to network and learn from really smart and talented people. The networking piece is the most valuable tool from ISHE. It also shows we all have the same issues with budgets, manpower, supply chain, vendors and contractors but just a different zip code. The struggles I have are not so much […]

scott quote

“ISHE has helped me create relationships outside my internal network. These relationships are valuable when I need a different perspective or advice on a facilities topic.” Scott Burcroff Director Facilities Technical Operations Parkview Health