Governor Extends Public Health Emergency through November 1, 2020

The Governor has extended the public health emergency through November 1, 2020. This means that the ISDH waivers regarding the changes to the physical environment in response to COVID-19 can remain in use through November 1. It is always possible that the Governor will extend the public health emergency again to a date later than November 1, but there is no guarantee of that, so for now, November 1 is the date to work with. Going forward, the expiration date of the waivers is the expiration date of the declared public health emergency.

If you have made physical environment changes and those have been submitted to ISDH through the COVID-19 waiver process, you can continue to use those changes through November 1, 2020. If there are additional temporary facility changes that need to take place under the waivers, you can still submit those to ISDH and they can remain in use as long as we are still under a public health emergency as declared by the Governor.

If there are physical environment changes that you desire to make permanent to meet surge demands or respond to future needs past November 1, those need to go through the normal State plan approval process.

See the Executive Order by the Governor.